Here at IDIOTBOX TV, we are gonna blend hip-hop music with some comedy antics, a blend of the two re-mixed with some PIFF, here is a music video that was lensed by THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR out in the CRIP Stronghold of SLAUSON TEES, the video is NIPSEY HUSSLE, SMOKE&NUMBERS and QUESTION, look out for more music videos, the antics of P.U. and COUSIN TODD at the NEw York Trapeze School, Howie Rosenskunt takes us down to the Lower East Side for an episode of LA HEIM TV, and a little game of FROGGER for all you crazy kids, GOOD TALK SEE YOU OUT THERE



We definitely don’t fuck with the police, but the delinquents over @ idiotboxtv
can’t even front on this dude.

He went all the way with this one so we decided to give him the pass and make him “idiot of the day” even tho hes popo. Make sure you peep when he says “we’re dead” and then “What’s the score to the Red Wings game”.

He did it in true derelicte style. It couldn’t have been done any better if we, baked and ate the brownies our-self. Fuckin idiot!!!!!!




We pulled P.U. away from his daily NEW JACK CITY OPERATION for him to give us his top 5 dental tips, stay tuned for P.U.’S trip to the dentist.


COUSIN TODD AKA BRAD PIFFIt was the 1st Day of filmming for the IDIOT BOX Comrades as P.U. A.K.A the CHOKEAHOE INDIAN and COUSIN TODD, A.K.A BRAD PIFF decided to declare a FATWA, please read the accompanying text, a VIDEO of the declaration will be posted shortly, shot in the studio on 5th Avenue, PIFF and CHOKEAHOE had some difficulty with the cue cards, no worries the FATWA transcript can be read right here, stay tuned for the first episode of IDIOT BOX and an appearance by EVAN AUERBACH THE 3rd who is currently at a Croquet tournament in Miami, he returns to the city on Wed, June 19th, 2007.

On behalf of Cousin Todd, Shesit Bub the Emperor, Han the Don, Jonny Shipes, Thomas Crown Afair, and Evan Auerbach the 3rd, I would like to read the following statement.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, for far too long the environs of New York City and Los Angeles have been populated with faux Hipsters, Posers, so called NEW
YORK Dope boys who wear apparel spouting a gangster ethos when in
Actuality they are pampered WHITE BOYS with trust funds who live in the Hamptons and wear Pink Nike Dunks. The once sacred creative land of New York has been invaded with fake punk rockers, dressing with skinny jeans and dirty Chuck Taylors looking like a bad version of Johnny Rotten; gentrification has killed the Holy land of the Lower East Side, Harlem, and Brooklyn.

IDIOT BOX is here to claim the streets back, to claim what is rightfully ours the normal people, the real people, the gentlemen scholars and ladies of the realm. WELCOME to IDIOT BOX a television show for the people, by the people and about the right people.

In conclusion the creators of IDIOT BOX would like to issue a FATWA, we do not endorse the current obsession with celebrity culture, gossip, and news, we are offended by our paparazzi brethren and we will do our best to wage Holy War against these evil doers, HIPSTERS, POSERS, FAKE SKATEBOARDERS, RAPPERS, OR SKINNY JEAN WEARING PANSIES, IDIOT BOX IS ON THE LOOSE WITH OUR CAMERAS.