We like Michael Shawn, he is a ray of sunshine in the morning appearing alongside Miss Jones on Hot 97’s morning show. To show u how much we like him, we decided to take the idiobox camera’s into his world. Whether its his philisophical stance on whether there should be a hood in heaven, or his analytical take on AIDS and “Side Chicks”, Michael is special, Cuervo Especial



You’ve probably heard the song–and most likely you’ve seen the video, but this is something that couldn’t be passed up!

While us here at Idiotboxtv and Cinematic Music Group are officially blasting out an all points bulletin for the location of this man below. His name Tay Zonday and he has youtube popping right now with with his original song, “Chocolate Rain”. If you’ve seen Tay, then you know he’s funny–but is dude really as funny as our man ELSTEVEO? You let us know, comments appreciated! We’re in heated debates on who we should sign..




Popeyes® Chicken & Biscuits


Offers “A Side of Hope,” to America’s Hungry Families Virtual Food Bank will allow customers to donate Red Beans & Rice

ATLANTA – (July 2007, 2007) – Less than one year after announcing its partnership with America’s Second Harvest – The Nation’s Food Bank Network, Popeyes® Chicken & Biscuits is proud to serve up “A Side of Hope,” a Virtual Food Bank program. “A Side of Hope,” allows individuals to donate funds to America’s Second Harvest through http://www.popeyes.com so that protein-rich cans of Red Beans & Rice – a favorite side dish on the Popeyes menu – may be fed to hungry Americans across the nation.


Beginning July 27th 2007 , We would also proudly like to announce the additon of Cousin Todd to our proud POPEYES Family. Tood joins at one of our local New Jersey Franchises, after intense deliberations and a breakdown in contract negotiations last night Cousin Todd has agreed to a 2-year deal with an option for free agency after 12 months. Todd was allowed out of his non-compete agreement by Idiot Box Lawyers after an off the record settlement.



Boogie, Shipes & Fatrock (Who’s eyes sum it up best?)



S. Dutch straight outta H-Town assed out at a random bar with a random bumbaclot hat on. We dont even know how he got down with the cleeka! Hahaha! H-Town baby!!!






Sweaty Murphy aka your next serial killer.



The young homie aka The Poster Boy of Cinematic aka
Mr. Myspace aka Mr. #1 Single in the country, Sean
Kingston rocking a crowd in Jersey.



See above.



Hypeking stop smiling already! Goddammit get angry
already muthafucka!!!!



Yes, lots of Sean Kingston fans. Can u say platinum?



Lots of girls on stage while Sean performs Beautiful
Girls. Please wear a jimhat, my youth.



Classic Sweaty Murphy. Oh, thats not water thats a
full cup of Patron.



Big money picture – Shipes, Jen McDaniels & Boogie.
Can you say “Motion Picture Shit??”Actually, “Fuck You, pay me!”



Does Sean Kingston have fans???? Yessir!






Just like Jeezy …….or not.



Without further adieu, we show the world why his
name is Sweaty Murphy!



Fat Matt on fire..literally.



Sweaty Murphy with Jen Utterback and cleeka.
(Shout out to Jen who by far is the illest female
drinker we have encoutered to date)


P.U–Nuff Said.


Geniuses and idiots all at the same time. Now thats a
beautiful thing!

For all you hipsters, sneakers are played out. “To
Catch A Hipster” coming soon you little-snotty-nosed


Ok, lets give u a sneak peak of the newest member of idiotbox. Snacks aka Cowboy Bubbabadinkie. Wait till you see what we got in store with this young superstar. “Hood or Good.”

Unfuckin real! If this isnt a sign of whats to come
then we here at idiot box give up! Jaqcue looks like
he just finished wining an Oscar, snorting an ounce of
coke, fuckin three strippers one which was a midget, then
getting arrested with Lindsay (B)Lohan.


We here at idiot box have sniffed, smoked and drank our share of poison in our day, so its only right we talk about this idiot above. We understand you are from Long Island, and after all of the movie, fame, and money is stripped away-you’re really just white trash (just like your mama).

We just wanted to state this to you and the world. Oh, and if you weren’t such a big movie star, you would fit right in uptown, with P.U and the rest of the cleecka.




We all like to eat, wether it’s that slice of sicilian from Carmine’s, the Old Beef Brisket at 2nd Avenue Deli, a little knosh at Katz’s or an elegant evening at Bond Street. At IDIOTBOX we have our own personal chef, he flys on the private jet, is only a phone call away, and even better he brings his own ingredients and apron. It’s cooking IDIOTBOX style, and he does it with his personal sous chef SHISHY.


After closed-door deliberations at Idiotbox headquarters, we are sad to announce the termination of the following idiots; Cousin Todd, Manioli, Han the Don, and the rest of the New Jersey cleecka.


For all of Cousin Todd’s fans who are sad to see him go, please understand that this notice of termination comes as a complete surprise to the Idiotbox boardmembers.


The continued refusal of participation in such events as “Sicily Slap” and”Rotisserie Chicken Boxing”* have left the board with no choice but to execute the termintion effectively immediately.


In addition, sanctions have been put in place to prevent the aforementioned terminated members a steady supply of piffery. The embargo will be lifted, if and only when commitments are put in place, and contracts rewritten.


Talks may continue through the night at Camp David, as idiotbox elite search for a replacement.